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Please fully complete the below information, and upload/attach all
relevant documents to this form at bottom where indicated.

Please download the Credit Card Authorization Form HERE and then save it and attach it to this form as well.

** You can submit forms 24 hours per day, but handling of the Appearance Request and confirmation is done during normal business hours Monday – Saturday.

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Client Information

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lnjuries and Damages (Medical / LOE)

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All Parties Served & Appeared

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Continuance of Hearing Requested

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Unavailable Dates For Any Future Appearances:

Case Ready for Trial / Not Ready / Why / Trial Length; explain:

Discovery Status (Optional)

Summarize what discovery is complete, what discovery remains incomplete and when counsel anticipates completion date

ADR Desired(Type, When, Other)

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Will Client Be Present at Appearance?

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Please upload all documents CMC Statement, Declaration, Points & Authorities, Opposing
Party documents, etc) you believe are important for the appearing attorney to review
and be aware of to achieve your desired outcome

Also, please upload the completed, dated and signed Credit Card Authorization


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